Custom Inverted Umbrellas

Custom Inverted Umbrellas

To do inverted umbrella wholesale in those years, we strongly recommend this inverted umbrella. The inverted umbrella is the opposite of the traditional umbrella when opening the fold, because the open part is toward the umbrella. 

This umbrella has a double umbrella cloth. The double layer is a high-density waterproof coating that also has a good sun protection effect, so it can better resist water and sun than a conventional umbrella.

Custom Inverted Umbrellas

Besides, this handle is a “C” shaped circle, so when you pass your hand through this “C” to dig and circle, you can free your hands and take the original umbrella to do something else, such as taking this one. Carry a bag, hold a mobile phone or something. What is more, when you have closed the umbrella, you don’t have to find a place to hang it. The special octagonal design on the top of the umbrella will make the umbrella “station” stable.


As a reverse umbrella wholesaler, we recommend the manual, open-type, auto-open style, auto-closed style, 19 inch children’s reverse umbrellas, and 27-inch reverse umbrellas suitable for two to three people. Regarding this umbrella, our solid-color fabric MOQ is 100 pieces, and the pattern fabric MOQ is 200 pieces.

At the same time, we upside down umbrella wholesale accepts orders for customized production of guest logos. As long as you provide your logo or pattern, our wholesale reverse umbrella team will send you design patterns within one day and give you personalized inverted umbrella samples within 5-7 days if you need to see the sample first.

In terms of transportation: Many customers are worried about how to receive the goods, we inside out umbrella wholesale promise to complete the customer’s needs at the fastest production speed, and provide the corresponding shipping transportation solutions for customers to choose. Our transportation solutions include sea freight, air freight, railway train transportation, and door-to-door courier transportation. Door-to-door transportation can be delivered directly to your home.

Custom Inverted Umbrellas Colors We Can Produce


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