Custom Umbrellas

In this article, you’ll learn how to make your printed umbrellas sample with us.

1. Umbrellas Size

Firstly, we need to know the umbrella size. The regular umbrellas sizes are:

straight umbrellas:
17 inches;19 inches; 21 inches; 23 inches;
25 inches; 27 inches; 29 inches; 30 inches;

Folding umbrella :
19 inches 21 inches 23 inches

2. Design Artwork

To make sure the printed paper is exactly what customers want, we need the High definition files because they will result in the best images. The available Vector file formats are AI, PDF, CDR, PSD, etc. software

The design artwork’s repeated spacing distance, width, length, and other details should be based on how big the umbrella surfaces. As we can see, An umbrella has kinds of surfaces, 6 surfaces, 8 surfaces, 12 surfaces, and 16 surfaces.

6 ribs umbrella surface
8 ribs umbrella surface
16 ribs umbrella surface
24 ribs umbrella surface

4. Silk Printed

Silkscreen printing is a relatively common process in the umbrella industry. Here is a process about silk screen printing: When we need to print our favorite color on the dark umbrella surface, we must first on the umbrella surface. Put a layer of white background, then print the color we want, so that the effect will be printed is what we really want.


Above are the points you need to know when you want to get the printed umbrella samples from our custom umbrellas wholesale. We take the time to listen to the customer’s experience, feedback, and intuitive ideas, so we know how to make you different from the others. If you are interested in printing artwork on your umbrellas, feel free to contact us at We custom umbrellas wholesale can help you develop marketing strategies for your next campaign.

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