How much for shipping?2019-01-24T18:52:10+08:00

Shipping costs will be based on the number, weight, and volume of the umbrella you purchase, and we will notify you in advance.

How do I trace my Umbrellas?2019-03-22T00:38:26+08:00

You will receive a confirmation email from us when your checkout is completed. A dispatch email will be sent to you when the umbrellas are sent out. This will include a tracking number, you can track your order in courier website.

Do I need to pay customs duties or taxes?2019-03-22T00:36:54+08:00

Duties and Taxes are excluded in our prices. You may be charged upon receipt or at a later date by your carrier or local customs office.

How do I care for my umbrellas?2019-03-22T00:37:48+08:00

Our custom items are all made with waterproof fabric. When you are not using them , we recommend storing them in a cool, dry place.  As with all frame parts you should take care not to get them wet.

What is your MOQ?2019-03-17T23:33:42+08:00

For our standard custom imprinting production run on models in our current product line, we have an MOQ of 500 PCS. For an all new customized project, there is an MOQ of 1,000 PCS The most important thing is to respond to the needs of the guests.

Can you do customized service for us?2019-03-22T00:35:44+08:00

We make the customized umbrella for clients. Different designs/colors are available for the umbrellas. We have one aim – to help you find the right umbrella you want.

What is your main products?2019-01-24T18:54:21+08:00

The products basically cover all types of umbrellas, such as folding umbrella, advertising umbrellas, golf umbrellas, kids umbrella, sun umbrellas, garden umbrellas,With a choice of over 500 umbrellas . 

Introduce our company2019-01-10T09:51:31+08:00

Gentle company is An umbrellas China with an international business. Founded in 2010, we  locate  in Province Fujian, City Jinjiang. We design and sell umbrellas to fellow umbrella lovers all around the world.

What’s the payment term when ordering the umbrellas from your company?2019-03-22T00:39:40+08:00

Payment Term:   50% T/T in advance and 50% T/T balance against copy B/L. (For small order, we prefer 100% T/T in advance).

Payment Method: PayPal,T/T, Western Union, L/C

  • T/T: T/T means telex transfer, it is the most traditional payment method
  • Western Union:  Pay and get money instantly in just minutes
  • PayPal:  Popular online payment way, suitable for small orders
  • If you have any friends in China, you can let your friends pay us RMB by WeChat or Alipay.
When can we receive the goods?2019-03-22T00:41:36+08:00

Normally is 15-25 days, if you want urgent delivery, we will find solutions.

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