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  • Folding​ Umbrella With Automatic Open Close 5
  • Reverse​ Umbrella With Automatic Open Close 4
  • Folding​ Umbrella With Automatic Open Close 3
  • Reverse Folding​ Umbrella With Automatic Open Close White
  • Umbrella With Automatic
  • Umbrella With Automatic Open Close

Reverse Folding​ Umbrella With Automatic Open Close

Open style:Auto open and auto close

Size: 23″x 8 ribs

Open diameter :105cm

Handle: Straight plastic  handle

Frame: Black Fiberglass and steel frame

Shaft:White: Steel shaft

Fabric: 190T pongee fabric

Package:1piece/OPP bag, 10 pieces /box,  50 pieces/contain

Customized:Fabric logo, handle nameplate, fabric density.

Everyone knows that we can’t leave an umbrella in the rain, but think about how many umbrellas you will buy each year? The umbrella bones of many umbrellas are made of inferior alloy or even iron wire. It will be broken in a few days. It is not the switch that is used, or the umbrella bone is broken.

Of course, the umbrella is not the more the better, this one-button open reverse folding umbrella, 1-second automatic opening function, automatic opening and closing, its umbrella surface is reversed design, after the harvest, the rain side is facing in, After the umbrella is closed, the hand will not wet, nor will it drip onto the bus. The more important thing is that its water-repellent design is the same as that of the lotus leaf. With just a little shake, almost all the rain is gone, the umbrella surface I did it in an instant.

People who drive can easily sit in the car and close the umbrella, and they won’t get rain everywhere. The umbrella surface will not be soaked by water. The visibility is low in the rainy night. It is often impossible to see the road ahead and drive the umbrella. There is a risk of travel. This reverse folding umbrella is designed with reflective strips. It is surrounded by a parachute. When the lights are illuminated, it will emit a dazzling reflection of light, making it safer to travel on rainy days.

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Packing: 45*30*23cm 50pcs/ctn 19/20kgs

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Q: What kind of umbrella you mainly do?

A: We have a folding umbrella, golf umbrella, straight umbrella, child umbrella, etc.

Q: When can I get the price?

A: We can usually within 24 hours send you our quotation.

Q: How can I get the samples?

A: We can provide samples as your request. Please click here to custom your design first.


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