Jackie Lau

Founder of GENTLE

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Joanna Wang

Sales business manager

Successful salespeople genuinely believe in their product’s value. This conviction comes through loud and clear when they’re talking to prospects, helping them break through resistance and doubts. Believing in their product also helps salespeople avoid discounting — they know the price tag is justified.

Gray Chan

E-commerce operator

All DIY platforms grew significantly and we predict this trend to continue throughout in those two years. We putting more and more energy into umbrellas Handmade  in this area.Because these  are popular especially among the members of younger generations .

Bella Chan

Top sales representative

Great salespeople know exactly what they want, when they want it, and who they want it from. This single-minded focus gives them impressive control over the sales process.The pure joy of selling helps them cope with the unpredictable, highly stressful environment.

Susan Lin

E-commerce operator

Focus on personalization and user experience.
Find ways to integrate social media.
Invest heavily in advertising.
Use visual content strategically.
Seek out customer feedback.
Don’t forget about mobile users.
Position your business for future success

Thomas Chan

Product designer

The desire for a unique, memorable and seamless shopping experience will continue to rise. This is true of products in all price points, yet most notable at higher-end products, with much design and quality.

Eva Chan

Top sales representative

You won’t meet a top-selling rep who goes home early or spends every other Friday at the beach. Talent is important in sales, but so is hard work. Not only do great salespeople put in the hours, they’re also willing to fight for every customer.