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Making Umbrella Frame

As an umbrella factory, We always believe that the top priority of an umbrella is its frame, and its durability is directly proportional to its quality. Therefore, the umbrella frame used must be produced by a well-known umbrella frame manufacturer in the industry, with reliable quality and solid materials. The components of the umbrella stand are shaft, ribs, and the button. After the materials are fully equipped, a perfect umbrella stand can be assembled.


Making Ready Umbrella

Cutting: The worker puts the manufactured triangular wooden frame on the umbrella cloth and cuts it out with a blade.
Umbrella surface printing: Screen printing umbrella surface, printing solid color pattern or company logo.
Sewing: After the silk screen is finished, the umbrella pieces are combined with a clothes cart to make an umbrella face.
Umbrella installation: After the umbrella surface is completed, install umbrella beads at the end of each cloth.
Upper ribs suture umbrella: Connects the umbrella face to the umbrella bone with a needle and thread.
Quality inspection: To check the quality of the umbrella, install the umbrella, fungus flower, and handle.
Packaging and shipment.


Vibrant Team

As an umbrella factory and umbrella vendor for more than ten years, Gentle has been accepting customized umbrellas from customers.

Umbrella text printing, brand LOGO printing, suitable for brand promotion, company promotion

Does not fade or fall off, printing colors can be selected in multiple ways, the delivery time is shorter, and the quality is reliable.

The design drawing is a flat development plan, and the design size is free until the customer’s requirements are met. Printed content needs to provide original materials, the format is PSD, cdr, AI is appropriate.

Our website also provides online customization service, click customized umbrella for details.

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A good quality umbrella is always comfortable to use, but what exactly are you looking at when choosing a reputable umbrella factory, there are facts you must know.

Do you have a minimum order quantity (MOQ)?
– This is an essential question to determine your compatibility with this manufacturer from the start. If their minimum does not serve your business model and there’s no room for negotiation, don’t waste your time and move on. Keep in mind that minimums will vary significantly depending on the product.

Do you charge for umbrella samples?
– Many umbrella manufacturers won’t charge if you’ve proposed a large enough order for them, factories will often refund sample costs once your order size hits a certain point.

What are your terms of payment? 

– This question will determine how you and your company will budget moving forward. Most manufacturers will require 30% paid upfront and 70% once production is complete. All payments are typically completed before the product is shipped. The more production runs you go through with a factory, the better payment terms you’ll get.

In-house R&D designers ready for custom requests , OEM & ODM services can be provided . Professional on customized order !

Experienced salesperson at least has 5 years experience who can offer professional service and best control for all orders to us ,as eyes here for all customer . All inquiries will be replied within 12 hours.

I. We have strict quality control system from approval each material to finish umbrella . Usually we applied AQL2.5//4.0 for inspection .

II. Before production , a pre-production sample will be made for salesman to approve . On each step production , we have strictly online QC inspection .


III. After goods finally packed in cartons , our QC inspect goods at randomly based AQL , and report will be sent to you.

Private umbrella suppliers with over 10 years of experience in umbrella production. From style startups interested in beginning an umbrella line to dealing with established brand names on a personalized solution.

our personal tag umbrella manufacturing services provide you accessibility to years of technical knowledge and workmanship. Our group will certainly assist you via the actions of developing an effective umbrella brand name.

If you plan to focus on the umbrella business, then when looking for an umbrella supplier, you need to decide whether to buy from domestic or foreign. Overseas can mean any place abroad.

Generally, overseas suppliers are located in Asian countries such as China, India, and Taiwan. That’s because it’s usually cheaper to buy products abroad, especially in these countries. However, not only up-front investment and unit costs, but also more decisions.

The following criteria determine whether it is a good umbrella manufacturer:

Are higher umbrella manufacturing quality and labor standards?
Is communication easier and without language barriers?
Is it easy to verify a reputable manufacturer?
Is it faster shipping time than other umbrella manufacturers.
Whether it has high intellectual property protection.
Are there more types of umbrellas for guests to choose from?

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