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Making The Umbrella Frame

As an umbrella factory, We always believe that the top priority of an umbrella is its frame, and its durability is directly proportional to its quality. Therefore, the umbrella frame used must be produced by a well-known umbrella frame manufacturer in the industry, with reliable quality and solid materials. The components of the umbrella stand are shaft, ribs, and the button. After the materials are fully equipped, a perfect umbrella stand can be assembled.

making umbrella frame41
making umbrella frame2
making umbrella frame1

Making Ready Umbrella

Cutting: The worker puts the manufactured triangular wooden frame on the umbrella cloth and cuts it out with a blade.
Umbrella surface printing: Screen printing umbrella surface, printing solid color pattern or company logo.
Sewing: After the silk screen is finished, the umbrella pieces are combined with a clothes cart to make an umbrella face.
Umbrella installation: After the umbrella surface is completed, install umbrella beads at the end of each cloth.
Upper ribs suture umbrella: Connects the umbrella face to the umbrella bone with a needle and thread.
Quality inspection: To check the quality of the umbrella, install the umbrella, fungus flower and handle.
Packaging and shipment.

Making umbrella surface
checking umbrella quality
loading umbrellas

Vibrant Team

As an umbrella factory and umbrella vendor for more than ten years, Gentle has been accepting customized umbrellas from customers.

Umbrella text printing, brand LOGO printing, suitable for brand promotion, company promotion

Does not fade or fall off, printing colors can be selected in multiple ways, the delivery time is shorter, and the quality is reliable.

The design drawing is a flat development plan, and the design size is free until the customer’s requirements are met. Printed content needs to provide original materials, the format is PSD, cdr, AI is appropriate.

Our website also provides online customization service, click customized umbrella for details.

Umbrella exhibition


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