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You have come to the right place! This umbrella supplier website offers a variety of umbrellas for any occasion.

Now you’re ready for anything. This professional web provides all kinds of umbrellas with high-quality materials and workmanship to keep your business dry in any weather condition or emergency situation. 

The GENTLE company is a leading company specializing in manufacturing all kinds of rain umbrellas, golf umbrellas, beach umbrellas, folding umbrellas, promotional umbrellas, mini umbrellas, kids umbrellas, fashion umbrellas, transparent umbrellas, wedding umbrellas.

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The above is the video of the process of making umbrellas. We will also provide you with more descriptions of the umbrella manufacturing process through the text and pictures below.

1. Silk Printing

Silk printing is a centuries-old technique that has been used to produce beautiful, vibrant artwork on textiles. Through this process of placing an image onto fabric using silk screens. We china umbrella supplier can help you make your logo or picture be clearly seen through the umbrella surface of these items.
1. Silk printing is the best way to get your logo on an umbrella
2. Through ordinary silk screen printing. we can help you print or even draw images. so that they are clearly visible when held up against the surface of this useful product!
Silk printing is an amazing way to have your company logo or picture on every single one of the umbrellas you sell. With this service, we provide a high-quality silkscreen design that will be printed onto both sides. so it can withstand being used in harsh weather conditions without becoming damaged over time!
Silk printing is an easy and affordable way to get your logo or design onto any product.

2. Heat Transfer Printing

If you think your design is relatively complicated, we custom umbrella supplier recommend that you use heat transfer printing, which will make your patterns more realistic, realistic, and beautiful.
Heat transfer printing, a process that lets us print complex color pictures on the surface of an umbrella through thermal energy. based techniques are one way our supplier can help you clearly share what matters most with your customers or clients!
Imagine being able to see your favorite color or that picture of the two kids smiling at the camera. Now imagine what it would feel like if this was possible on an umbrella!
It’s true; through thermal transfer printing. our supplier can help you clearly print complex colors in pictures on the surface of any type or size umbrella we have available for sale today!
Imagine the umbrella of your dreams, with a picture you’ve always wanted to see. You can get it through heat transfer printing! It’s never been easier or more accessible for people who want their own custom design on an object that is going into use at some point in life.

3. Umbrella Frame and Fabric

About the umbrella frame and umbrella fabric materials, we umbrella vendor will provide the umbrella frame of different materials and sizes according to your requirements.The umbrella fabric has polyester fabric, impact fabric, satin fabric, silver fabric, and black UV fabric, and the more popular Teflon.
Umbrella frames made of aluminum alloy are light in weight but stable in structure. They are corrosion resistant to various bad weathers such as rain or snowfall but are easy to rust if not used for a long time.
Umbrella frames made of fiberglass mainly use glass fiber as raw material and have excellent tensile strength so they can bear strong wind pressure without deformation. They also have good corrosion resistance and weather resistance performance so it’s totally suitable for outdoor areas such as parks or sidewalks where there is always rain or snowfall on the ground.
Like umbrella fabrics, the umbrella fabric also has polyester umbrella fabric, Teflon umbrella fabric, silver umbrella fabric  and black UV fabric etc., which are the most common materials for an umbrella . And when choosing the umbrella fabrics , we should pay attention to where and under what conditions you want to use it in advance; whether it is in hot summer or cold dry winter;  umbrella or out in the sun shining all day or under a shady tree shelter from the heat of the sun. The most popular is Teflon fabric. Polyester fabrics are made of high quality ester cotton with excellent wear resistance and UV protection performance.

4. Handle LOGO Printing

About umbrella handle, we umbrella manufacturer can provide a variety of different umbrella handle according to straight umbrellas, folding umbrellas, and automatic umbrellas. We can do silk printing and laser printing for ordinary umbrella heads, and some umbrella handles can be attached with special designs Thermoplastic stickers.

Whenever umbrella handle is a vital factor for an umbrella. In fact, the umbrella handle needs to make sure of the following four points:

1. Comfortable feel when holding the umbrella with your hand.

2. Durable as long as long an umbrella frame can be used as many times as possible.

3. Securely ensure that the umbrella won’t drop from your grip even during strong wind or after raindrops fell on it frequently, which may result in offering discomfort to users working under the sun or those company managers working under frequent showers and storms frequently.

4. Unique and decorative for umbrella and umbrella users so that we can distinguish our own umbrellas easily among others’ umbrellas. an umbrella handle needs to be equipped with an umbrella cover with your company logo, name, slogan, and so on.

So where do we buy an umbrella handle? Well, umbrella handle can be produced in most umbrella companies with different designs for their own umbrella products. They are usually made of metal or plastic, but there are some special materials used in the umbrella industry including wood, rubberized plastic, etc.

The design process of the umbrella handle has been simplified when you make it together with your umbrella head because the size is usually identical to one another when you which they will automatically share the same designing file without any further needs in measurements. According to this business trend in modern days, they may offer free designing service in integrating patterns or LOGO into umbrella handles before umbrella products are made.


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