Custom Golf Umbrellas

Custom Golf Umbrellas

Custom Golf Umbrellas

The most common golf umbrellas are auto-open straight golf umbrellas, manual-open straight golf umbrellas, two-foldable automatic-open umbrellas, and three-foldable auto-open-and-close umbrellas.


The fabric of the golf umbrella mainly includes pongee fabric, polyester silver fabric, and pongee black UV fabric. Using these fabrics, the umbrella is often flat and drops of water runoff quickly after rain. Pongee fabric feels soft and extremely textured. Polyester silver fabric and pongee black UV fabric have an anti-ultraviolet function to filter out the summer heat.


Golf umbrella handles currently commonly used are EVA straight type and J-type, plastic handles, plastic sprayed rubber paint handles, wooden handles, plastic coated iron handles, aluminum handles, etc.


In the early years, golf umbrellas basically used steel ribs and even double ribs. The material of popular golf umbrellas is fiberglass material, which is light in weight but not easy to break. There are also mixed methods of steel ribs and fiber ribs. General Specifications A 25-inch straight umbrella can be called a golf umbrella. More commonly used specifications: 27 inches, 30 inches, 32 inches.

Working Characteristics

Thanks to more and more user-friendly designs, improvements have been made to the golf umbrella surface. A common practice is to make the umbrella surface into a double layer, the top of the lower umbrella surface is open, and the upper layer is covered by the lower layer. Above the first layer, it is larger than the vent hole, just covered. The upper and lower layers are stitched with a small amount of needle and thread work. In normal use, the rain cannot enter the umbrella. When the wind blows, the surplus vent top is drained out.

With the passage of time, more people understand the excellent features of this umbrella, such as its good quality, beautiful appearance, and good sun and rain protection. Golf umbrellas have gradually become popular. This product is no longer just a tool for sheltering from the rain, more people have given umbrellas as gifts, such as gifts when opening a new store, gifts to open a bank card, ticket giveaways for large-scale music festivals, or accessories to large-scale promotional activities. You will all see umbrellas appearing. Imagine your company’s logo printed on a propped-up umbrella when it’s raining. Would it not impress your customers?

The commercial value of the advertising umbrella is very high. A company can print its trademark and name on umbrellas, with very little investment to create an advertising umbrella, and then give it directly as a gift or sell it. The cost is low and the effect is achieved. It’s effective and can quickly attract people’s attention.

As a multi-year golf umbrella supplier, the Gentle company can not only meet the needs of large umbrella importers and distributors but can also support the customization requirements of small customers, small orders, and Custom Golf Umbrellas. Whether it is the color of the umbrella surface, customization of the logo, or umbrella-style, we Custom Golf Umbrellas wholesale Custom Golf Umbrellas can help you solve these problems so that the umbrella you want can be achieved, and we also accept bulk golf umbrella orders.

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